Okay. Uhm. This really freaks me out to post it but I want to hear the voice of the PEOPLE.

So I made my outfit and everything, but I am still terrified that I’m that fat girl that shouldn’t be wearing what she’s wearing. You know what I mean? I have a decent amount of self confidence, but suddenly I looked at myself wearing this and I thought, should I really be wearing this?  I miscalculated when I was cutting it so it is a few inches shorter than I wanted, and I can’t really fix it.

I’m wearing nylons so my legs look pretty smooth, and I have almost knee-high black socks on too, so it’s just above that that scares me. I’m wearing black shorts underneath but I don’t really want them to stick out much… I don’t know.

Any thoughts? :x Criticism absolutely welcomed. Sorry ‘bout my derp face.

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    I’m not gonna lie, I think this looks excellent and adorable and I think you should go for it. If someone’s got a...
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    I think the length looks fine! :3
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